PAR Timbercote

PAR Timbercote by Kansai is a premium grade, translucent pigmented varnish which brings out the natural beauty of the grain of timber. It contains special preservatives to protect exterior timber surfaces against rot and mould growth

DESIGNED USE: As a decorative wood stain on exterior and interior timber surfaces where the natural beauty of wood grain is allowed to show through. Ideal for decorative doors, windows, handrails and pergola. It also acts as a protection that filter UV rays thereby reducing the traditional problems of cracking, flaking and peeling.
Drying Times - Surface dry :1 - 2 hours - Recoat: 6-8 hours (Overnight for best results).
Dilution Mineral turpentine.
Cleaning Up Mineral turpentine.
invert_colorsDilution Info
Brush or Roller Ready for use. if dilution is required, add up to 5% mineral turpentine.
Conventional Spray Dilution of up to 10% mineral turpentine
・Not recommended for masonry surfaces.
・Not recommended for timber floors. Use PAR Wood Finish for internal timber floors.