PAR Silk

PAR Silk by Kansai is a premium grade emulsion that gives a brilliant, smooth and luxurious silk finish for interior use. Formulated with special emulsions, PAR Silk can withstand moderate washing which makes it ideal for surfaces where regular cleaning is required. PAR Silk is formulated to last longer than ordinary emulsion.

DESIGNED USE: For use on new or previously painted interior masonry surfaces such as brickwork, plaster, cement rendering and asbestos cement where regular cleaning is a pre-requisite.
Drying Times - Surface dry : 10 min - Recoat : 1 - 2 hours.
Dilution Clean household water.
Cleaning Up Clean household water.
invert_colorsDilution Info
Brush or Roller Ready for use. If dilution is required, add up to 5% clean water.
Conventional Spray Dilution of up to 10% water.
Limitations :
Not suitable for use in areas subject to frequent or heavy condensation, e.g. in some kitchens and bathrooms.