PAR Roofcote Sealer

PAR Roofcote Sealer by Kansai is a solvent base sealer designed specially for PAR Roofcote system. Formulated with special resin, PAR Roofcote Sealer will penetrate deep into the roof surface and form a seal over the weathered, thoroughly cleaned surfaces. It also acts as an adhesion promoter between PAR Roofcote and your roof.

DESIGNED USE: Suitable for priming cleaned clay, cement, concrete and terracotta tiles. PAR Roofcote paint system is not recommended for glazed tiles. However, it can be used on old glazed tiles which have lost the glazed film.
Drying Times - Surface dry : 1 hour - Recoat: 4-5 hours (Overnight for best result).
Dilution Mineral turpentine
Cleaning Up Mineral turpentine
invert_colorsDilution Info
Brush or Roller Ready for use. On hot surfaces, thin up to 25%. Cool surfaces : thin up to 10%.
Conventional Spray Thin up to 10%
・Excellent adhesion property that seal surfaces.
・Very good alkaline resistance.
・Excellent filling property.
・No added lead or mercury.