PAR Heat Reduction Roofcote

PAR Heat Reduction Roofcote by Kansai is a high performance coating designed to reflect heat and prevent heat build up on your roofs. Formulated with specialty resin, this coating is tough, durable and has excellent color retention properties which outperform ordinary roof coatings.

DESIGNED USE: For protection and decoration of old and previously painted metal roofs and concrete roof tiles where heat reduction is required.
Drying Times - Surface dry : 10 min - Recoat : 1 – 2 hours
Dilution Clean household water.
Cleaning Up Clean household water.
invert_colorsDilution Info
Brush or Roller On hot surfaces, add up to 20% water. Cool surfaces : Ready for use.
Conventional Spray Dilution of up to 10% water.
Limitations :
・Not suitable for use in areas subject to frequent or heavy condensation, e.g. in some kitchens and bathrooms.