GOODY AR Wall Sealer

GOODY AR Wall Sealer 1039 by Kansai is a premium grade, high performance water based sealer that is designed to protect the finish against chalking and efflorescence. Formulated with special styrene acrylic resins, GOODY AR Wall Sealer 1039 will tolerate slightly damp surfaces.

DESIGNED USE: Designed as a primer coat for use on new or previously painted interior and exterior masonry surfaces such as brickwork, plaster, cement rendering and asbestos cement.
Drying Times - Surface dry : 15 min - Recoat : 1 hour.
Dilution Clean household water.
Cleaning Up Clean household water.
invert_colorsDilution Info
Brush or Roller No dilution needed. Ready for use.
Conventional Spray Dilution of up to 5%.
Limitations :
・Not suitable for use on newly plastered walls that are not fully cured. GOODY AR Wall Sealer 1039 works best on surfaces with a moisture content of below 15% and alkalinity below pH-9 or otherwise premature paint failure may occur.
・Can tolerate slightly damp surfaces but not wet and water saturated surfaces.
・GOODY AR Wall Sealer 1039 is not a waterproofing coating. If waterproofing is required, seek specialist advice.