ALES Shiquy

ALES Shiquy by Kansai Paint is a water-based paint with slaked lime as its main component. A unique formulated Japanese lime plaster functional paint to remove odors, denature virus, deactivate bacteria and humidify air. It has an excellent air purifying through CO² adsorption and excellent air detoxification for indoor Air Pollution.

DESIGNED USE: For use on new or previously painted interior concrete, mortar, plasterboard, slate panel, vinyl chloride paper.
Drying Times Surface dry : 10 min; Recoat : 1 - 2 hours.
Dilution Clean household water (5 - 10%).
Cleaning Up Immediately with clean water.
invert_colorsDilution Info
Brush or Roller Ready for use. If dilution is required, add up to (5 - 10%) clean water.
Conventional Spray Dilution of up to 10% water.
・Deactivates Viruses
・Kills Bacteria
・Remove Odor
・Control Indoor Humidity
・Detoxifies Indoor Air Pollution