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For more than 20 years of bringing color here in the Philippines, we, Kansai Paint Philippines, Inc., will continuously create lasting value and aesthetic finish to satisfy the needs of our consumers using Kansai Paint’s JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY DESIGNED TO LAST.

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a unique coating with outstanding mechanical properties. A tough film with 450% elongation suitable for the most extreme wear and tear applications. The product is recommended for tank lining, waterproofing, flooring, pond lining and protective coating.

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Underwater Epoxy

Sureseal 1208 UWE is a specially designed VOC free coating to provide protection to steel and concrete structures in wet condition and underwater application. It is ideal for maintenance works on onshore and offshore structure specially for areas below water line, the splash and tidal zone and pipes with condensation. Application of SURESEAL 1208 UWE on steel structures can be carried out in adverse weather conditions such as wet surface, high relative humidity and low surface temperature without any negative impact.

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A water-based heat reflective coating system which can significantly lower the temperature of the substrate on the exterior once painted. The need for air conditioning would be lessened as less heat gets transferred into the interior. As a result, the CO2 emission will be reduced, which is optimal for environmental protection.

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Ales Shiquy

A water-based paint with slaked lime as its main component. A unique formulated Japanese lime plaster functional paint to remove odors, denature virus, deactivate bacteria and humidify air.

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Contagion Prevention Sheet

Is adhesive sheets coated with a lime plaster material that contributes to health and the environment, in addition to unique texture and feel of natural materials.

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