1.Kansai Paint provides powerful protection for substrates while minimizing environmenatl impact.

2.Over the years,we have firmly established ourselves as a reliable source for a comprehensive range of superior products. Our renowned products and services have benefitted diversity of users from petrochemical, automotive, semiconductor, offshore & onshore oil & gas, water and waste water treatment plants, food, pharmaceutical, power generation & distribution, bridges, jetties and other above ground and underground structures. The products cover the following applications:


Anti-Corrosion Coatings


We produce zinc rich primers, high build epoxies, alphatic polyurethanes, surface tolerant epoxies and other traditional onshore and offshore protective coatings for structural steel as well as the advanced formulations of cold galvanizing, rust stabilizer, water-based polyurethane and plural component epoxies.

Wet Surface Epoxy Coating

SURESEAL 1208 UWE is a specially designed VOC free coating to provide protection to steel and concrete structures in wet condition and underwater application. It is ideal for maintenance works on onshore and offshore structure especially for areas below water line, the splash and tidal zone and pipes with condensation. Application of SURESEAL 1208 UWE on steel structures can be carried out in adverse weather conditions such as wet surface, high relative humidity and low surface temperature without any negative impact.


A special coating that dries in second and provide outstanding protection for long period of time. Can be used for waterproofing, tank lining and protection coating.

Anti- Carbonation & Concrete Protection

The coating system is designed to coat over reinforced concrete surface to prevent the diffusion of carbon dioxide and water into the concrete matrix that will change the acidity of the concrete environment and result in corrosion of the reinforcing steel bars. Suitable for coastal reinforced concrete structure like jetty, bridge and etc.

Concrete Protection Coating is a specially designed coatings and impregnation for the hardening and strengthening of concrete surface subjected to aggressive environment.

Resin Flooring

KANSAI SURESEAL range of resin flooring products are widely used for food and pharmaceutical manufacturing plant with ISO 22000 accreditation, semiconductor plants with extremely dust free environment and workshop and warehouses that requires heavy duty flooring.

  • Resin Flooring – Car Park Flooring
  • Resin Flooring-Clean Room & Hygienic Flooring
  • Resin Flooring- ESD Flooring
  • Resin Flooring – Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring